Friday, September 16, 2005

Change blog URL

Hi peeps!

I read my past blogs and they brought me both happy and painful memories. Actually, I regretted deleting my previous blog and so I do not want to regret again by deleting this blog that consist of 222 post. I will keep this blog, but still, I want to open a new blog.

A new start. To move on, I have to let go of the past. Not that I have to forget them, but for the least, I have to move forward. It is impossible to delete memories. We humans are no computers, therefore, I can only create a new folder to keep memories of another chapter of my life.

I once wrote a fairytale story but it ended with a wrong note. Though, I still believe in fairytales and here I am writing another story. I pray really hard that this story ends with a right note.

God bless! And to my buddy, I wish and pray that you'll soon find your Mr. Right. Stay happy forever and ever and ever....

Alrightz. This will be the last post for this bloggy. I'm off to my new blog. Take care my sweeties and cya.... Wink!!

Saturday, September 10, 2005


All you have is games games and still games.

Skating Falling Geez

Skating Falling Geez


That was a whole load of fun ice-skating. None of us were big league. All beginners. Though, we had fun watching one another FALL. Muahahaha....

Jesus. How short I am, now that I notice. Gee.

Bleah! ~Sweet Sweet us~

The threesome.

Here's my iceland.

Come on Kirby, don't act kool. Look at the camera PLEASE!!! Geez.

Ken just look tired out. What a panda he is???

My goody boy, Muack! Love ya baby...

Suave yea! Yesh, my sweetie boy.... Smile!

This is Kirby Baby... I always says his name sounds like BABY.

This is the best photo of all. I just so like that orientation of this pix.
Ai Zai!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Outing with the boys...

Outing with the boys...

A really fun day out with you guys! Wink!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

The Ugly Acts

The Ugly Acts

Lousy thoughts ran through my mind through the night that snatches the sweet dreams I thought I may have. Perhaps I'm too sensitive, perhaps those thoughts were never true. I hope I gather my throughts right and let these sweep pass my feet.

I just so deem liars. How ironic, cause everyone lies and I lied too, so who am I to not forgive someone who lies? Whatever Everwhat, I hate liars. I just hate being hidden from the truth. So if you are hidding anything from me, better spell it out soon. If truth are hidden too long and worst, I find them out myself, things are going to be ugly.

I just so deem people who break promises, who cares if they are big or small promises, still a promise. Don't promise if you can't fufill them cause it hurts when promises are taken for granted. For the least, I'm hurt when what's promised to me were broken. Don't come out with bullshit like "Promise are meant to be broken, just like rules".

I hate people who lie to me. I detest people who break promises. I thought being honest and holding promises are only the moral way to do things? Why, still, no one cares enough to ensure all these minimum moral integreties are kept.

Monday, September 05, 2005



The month of September has been such a drag.

It's the 5th day of September. It's a holiday month. A break supposingly but I'm not enjoying it. It's a drag because I'm not doing anything, because not spending my holiday to it's brim, because I'm wasting this holiday. All my holidays used to be fruitful and full of surprises, but not this one.

Today, I rot at home, watching VCD. Is there something more attractive then this I may indulge in? I have a lovable brother and boyfriend at home. Shouldn't I be so bliss to spend some time with them? Yeah. That's the point I wanna make. They are having a great time when I'm kick off their game world blogging here. I'm bored. Friends out there, date me out.

Just a recollection of my day:
I woke up at 7am feeling nothing but tired and so sweep myself off to dreamland. At 1pm I woke up again, drag myself off bed and had a shower. At 2pm, my boyfriend arrived at my doorstep then in less then 15 minutes, he's off to my brother room to play some computer games. This had been the case for the past few days and I didn't say a word about it. Not mentioning doesn't mean I felt alright about everything. Fine. Whatsoever. You have your freedom just like I did. Geez. No offence. Just need to grumble about it or else I may go bonker. Now it's 7pm, still they are playing and I'm gonna get dinner bought, ready for them. Blax.

I'm free, so free, so don't think that I'm always busy with my boy. Friends, I love you guys and please date me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Was it the rain that have affected our badminton game? Sweetie, Kirby, Nelson and I just keep missing our balls. What's the problem with all of us? Sure, it was easier to blame the weather then to admit that our skills are deteriorating... Geez.

The game wasn't any near to 'fantastic' but still I enjoyed the get-togetherness with my sweetie and his family peeps. WooSH!

People. Have you ever allow 'past matters' to bother you? Especially things that upsets you, things that stirs your heart, things that mess your mind... Such feelings had hidden well somewhere in my heart for the passed couple of months but those suddenly surfaced, leaving me with nothing but pain memories. Certainly, undoubtfully, it's not at all desirable. I detest it. Yet I can't stop these from coming.

Was listening to 'The Purest Of Pain' and that's what brought all the PAINFUL memories back. Get lost. Don't spoil my day. I'm sad. Sad Sad Sad.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

My lappy's recovered

My lappy's recovered

Finally my IBM X31 is in my hand. Perhaps it was the hardisk problem, perhaps the motherboard was defected, but who cares? It is now with me. FINALLY!

It had really been long since I last blog and I'm missing it. Blogging had sub-consciously became a must-do-activity. Well, though the lappy is with me, I haven't settle the domain thingy plus downloading micro-software. Will get it done on Monday.

FYP presentaiton was a HIT. Finally it's over. Not really over actually. There's still load to be done. I kind of doubt the team emotive level. Where's the clout, the impetus, the get-up-and-go attitude? Did those evaporated? Now, I see a dispersed team. I see cynical acts. And I'm de facto upset. These feelings surfaced because I care and I hate to see these happening. I miss the team back then. I miss the on-the-ball people. I miss you all but why the change? Often, conflict arises and that's good, I thought. That shows we are sharing our thoughts, that shows we are understanding our subject better, that shows we bother. Come on, let's get back onto track? I miss you all!!! I miss the go-all-in attitude.

Alrightz. Enough. Tomorrow will be better. The team wil gel up well, I hope.

Geez! Today, Ivan left to China once again to Tianjin. Bon Voyage! Have a enjoyable trip yea! Geeky!

BS is flying off to Thailand on Monday. Same to you, Bon Voyage. Have a safe trip!

And today, it's OSS speech day. I went back as a Tenor Sax Player. Jesus! I play the Auto Sax and now the sudden change sure put me on my toes. Overall, the speech day was a success. Everything went on the right track. Thanks god! And people, you all did a GREAT job. *Clap Clap*. One thing that bothers me - my presentation. I sure looked like a clown with oversize top and shoes. Ken Lim saw me and laughed his teeth off! Yes yes yes.... I know how FUNNY I looked. My fellow batch of students all had a good tease and for the very fact I made you laugh, thanks me! Geez... You mean little boys! I love your smile though. Ha ha...

As soon as speech day parade ended, I took the MRT back home. Surprised? I thought I will hail a taxi but I didn't. Weird huh? I miss those good old days where I walk down the slope under the scorching hot sun, perspiring heavily under my shirt, stinking like I haven't bath for days. I'm no sicko alright. Just miss my secondary school days.

The later was the best part of my day. Gee gee... Sweetie, Ken and I hop onto the bikes to Siglap for lunch at Mac. I didn't have a bike so I stood behind sweetie's bike. What a close shave! I could have deflate the wheels. Geez. I love hugging him while he cycling me down the streets. He's wet, sweaty, and sticky but I still love it! Gee gee...

Baby, MUACK!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Alcoholic shoes plays badminton

Alcoholic shoes plays badminton

Women are crazy when it comes to shoes. Not all women, but probably at least half are. Only a tiny fraction of males are shoe crazy.

Remember Imelda Marcos? She had thousands of pairs of shoes.

The weird thing about woman and shoes is that the shoes they want are invariably the least practical at protecting one's feet from the elements. If you ask a woman why she has so many shoes, these are some of the answers you might get:

1. I need different shoes for different outfits.
This answer is so ridiculous because a good generic pair of shoe will go with a wide variety of outfits.
2. Oh I have had these forever.
This is a standard lie a wife will give her husband when she gets busted for purchasing something she has agreed not to do.
3. When I was a child I didn't have good shoes.
This answer is probably the closest to truth, but it doesn't really make much sense.

One real reasons I came up with: It is a way for woman to barg to other woman about how much money they have to burn. This is the same reason woman like BIG diamond rings.

I'm not a shoe lover and I doubt I will ever be. Though I love cloths, especially beach dresses but I wouldn't wear them till I shed those fats under my skin. I used to be slim before I was plump. What a statement! No one is born fat. There's a saying that goes this way "There are no fat woman, just lazy woman." Perhaps its the lazy worm in me that allow fats to multiply. Whatsoever is it, I still love myself. How ironic? Geez...

Oh boy, you see? I always drift off my intented topic. I wanted to write about the fun I had the past few days but off I ratter on shoes. Gee gee...

Well, I learnt loads about wine and many other types of alcoholic drinks, and of course, I comsume them too. Heah! I didn't get drunk baby but my face resemble a money ass. Drank 3 glasses of Red Wine plus many others which I can't really identify. They all contain like say 40% to 58% alcohol. Jesus! Can you imagine how much calories I've consumed overnight? Feeling so fat now.

Uncle Steven and Aunty Peggy were really great host. WooSH! I love their accompany. Though it was the first time I ever met them, we talk like we've known one another. There's no barrier, no restriction to speech, no limitations, no cannot-say-words, no nothing. It was an open conversation. I really enjoyed that evening.

Confession: I don't really fancy Aunty Peggy's cooking. Still prefer my boy's mummy's cooking. Ha ha.... HUSH! Geeky!

Besides food food and still food, I had the best game ever with Uncle Steven. Ai Zai! He's badminton skill is SUPER and I really mean SUPER. Despite his age, he's as agile as anyone of us or even better. Salute! Geez. I'm so looking forward for the next game on Sunday. *Twist*

Wednesday, August 17, 2005



For FYP, I will do everything as long as they ain't against my conscious. Well, my uncle had to meet his Batam client and so, the trip to CWT warehouse is cancled. We were already in the train at Chinese Garden when he sms me. It is alright! Work come first yea...

So we made a quick decision to go SP. Fancy RP student going SP??? We were there to buy a couple of books and then off we headed to their library. I just like it there. What are RP books as compared to a well establish SP's book collection! Peanuts!

Sweetie and I sat there for what seems hours working on our FYP report. Whenever it comes to work, we quarrel, our opinions differ so much but we ultimately come to a consensus. Phew, it's really a long day. The time studies he's writting is sure tedious. (A pat on your shoulder) Anyway, the entire day was spent on the report. We even had to redo the warehouse process flowchart and did a write up on warehouse process using barcode system. It was tedious, not kidding.

We only had lunch at 3pm alright! Went SubWay and continued with our work till daddy's car arrived. Phew. Let's call it a day! I'm so brushed!!!